[Trivia] Which country’s currency is waterproof?

[Answer] Which country’s currency is waterproof?

…1. Brazil 2. China 3. United States 4. Australia
Which country’s currency is waterproof?

Australia – Made from a wax-like plastic substance called polymer, Australian bills are fully waterproof. Australia was the first country to use polymer banknotes in 1988, but several other countries have followed, although the U.S. still uses a cotton-linen paper. The polymer makes the Australian notes resistant to dirt and moisture, and they also last longer than paper bills, reducing production costs and environmental impact. Due to their complex design, the bills are incredibly hard to counterfeit. The $5 Australian banknote, for instance, has a visual effect in which the continent’s native eastern spinebill bird “flies” across the bill when you move it.:

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