[Trivia] Where is this statue of Rocky Balboa?

[Answer] Where is this statue of Rocky Balboa?

…1. Chicago 2. New York City 3. Philadelphia 4. Boston
Where is this statue of Rocky Balboa?

Philadelphia – In the original “Rocky,” the underdog hero prepares for his biggest fight by working hard and sweating on the streets of Philadelphia. During the climax of this gritty training montage, Rocky runs up the many steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and celebrates finishing the route, knowing he is now ready to face Apollo Creed. In “Rocky III,” after Mr. Balboa has become one of the world’s most famous boxers, the movie shows Philadelphia honoring their favorite son with a statue at the site of his stair climb. After shooting wrapped on “Rocky III,” the production donated the bronze statue to the real city of Philadelphia, who installed it at the museum. It has since become a popular tourist attraction.:

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